Social Media and Me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to belong to a senior group here in Ridgecrest called Journey to Happiness led by a great Life Coach Darrell Price at Price Life Consulting. If you are on Facebook link to Journey to Happiness Senior Group and if you live in Ridgecrest, join us. It is a great place for finding happiness, meeting new people, laughing, and learning about life.

Today, we discussed the importance of Social Media in our world with the emphasis on seniors and the growing number of us who use the various internet programs for communicating and socializing with friends and family. Which brings me to this story about social media.

My husband Bob and I met on one of the early dating sites back in 2000. We married in 2001 and will celebrate 14 years of marriage in November. We had both lost our spouses, were anxious to move ahead with our lives, and when he proposed, I eagerly said, “Yes”.

For the first few years after we married, we were often asked, “How did you two meet? Proud of being among the first wave of seniors (Bob was 78 and I was 68) to use an internet dating system, we were more than eager to tell our story. As it often goes with couples, Bob would start out by saying, “We met on the internet.” Then I would add that we had much in common. Bob was a retired Naval Commander and my husband had been a career Marine. Bob would add that we lived in two different cities in the Mojave desert only ninety miles apart. This then was my clue to announce proudly that we were both owners of African Grey Parrots. Something truly destined to bring us together.

So when asked again, this time at a large RV group dinner in a building with little or no acoustic quality, we promptly began sharing our story. As we reached the climax and I said proudly, “and we both had African Grey Parrots”, the woman across from us who was listening intently, leaned across the table to be heard, and shouted, “YOU HAVE ACTIVELY GAY PARENTS. HOW OLD ARE THEY?” Needless to say, bad acoustics and perhaps a little less than clear pronunciation, brought us a delightful story to add to “How We Met”.

Bob and Our African Grey Parrots, Tweety and Josephine.

Papa's PTA Smooch

Papas smooch-p001

Those of you who know Bob know that he is not much for man-kisses, preferring the old-fashioned firm handshake. So you can understand the rather shocked look on his face in this photo when he was ambushed for a real smack-a-roo.

Last Sunday, Danica’s school held a fundraiser breakfast at Appleby’s and of course the idea of all the pancakes you can eat for five dollars is a welcomed attraction, not to mention that we also wanted to support the PTA’s efforts so the family arrived around 9:00 and enjoyed scrumptious pancakes.

As good as the pancakes were, the young enthusiastic parents who served us were without exception, the finest waitpersons ever. Particularly, a delightful young man named Brandon. We took him up on his offer to take a group picture of us and raising the camera high above his head, snapped a great photo.

Bob was quite taken with Brandon’s sense of humor, friendliness, and the laughter he brought to our group. He asked Brandon if we could take a photo of him and he said, “Of course”. I raised the camera and readied the flash. He quickly bent down and gave a raspberry sounding smooch in Bob’s direction. The price of the breakfast 30 dollars total. The look of surprise on Bob’s face priceless.

Thank you PTA for a great time and a special thank you to Brandon for making a wonderful memory for all of us.

Papas smooch-p002

Father-Daughter Dance Third Year

Bob played the father role for Danica and accompanied her to the Father-Daughter Dance at her school. Before they left I snapped a few photos. At the dance, and true to Danica’s personality, she found she was having too much fun to slow down. She told Papa that there was no need to stand in line for a photo and that they had taken enough at home. Could I wring her sweet little neck? Perhaps, but I am to much a softy so instead I wrote a Memory Book page and documented it with pages taken before the dance. Next year, I will tell her ahead of time that she and Papa MUST have their photos taken at the dance or elseMemoryMixer Album 10-p007

Breaking the Record for the Longest Kiss by Old People

IMG_4089Honestly, I do not know what the record is or if we broke it, but I do know this, I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE GRANDSON! Four years ago, Eric was diagnosed as a child with autism. Thanks to the help from the program Adaptive Behavior Analysis, caring parents, pre-school and special education, he has made outstanding progress. Eric often likes to take photos with my camera which I enthusiastically hand over to him, but the day he took this photo, my heart was warmed and I wasn’t thinking of the outside help, I was only thinking of a little boy and all he personally accomplished and achieved while struggling with autism and its many mysteries.

To show you what Eric has accomplished. He has gone from gibberish to words, from words to sentences and clear speech. He asked if he could take Bob and my photo. We readily posed and he gleefully said, “Now kiss.” It was a command similar to the one he heard the wedding photographer say many times to his mothers at their wedding in August.

Bob and I were thrilled to respond and were ready with the small peck appropriate for couples of a certain age. We should have known that Eric considered this his big moment and our kiss dragged on and on as he found the perfect angle, the right amount of zoom, and finally snapped the photo.

Those familiar with autism will know the significance of this feat. We were overjoyed with our little photographer and his perfectionist attitude. Bob and I would have held that pose for another five minutes because in that moment we celebrated Eric’s clear speech , his verbal ability. and his dexterity. Eric will go far in this complicated world and he will do it because he is Eric the Determined and because he is surrounded by love.

American Girl Doll - A Lesson in Customer Service

For her seventh birthday this year, I purchased an American Girl Doll for my Grand-daughter, Danica. After much discussion of eye color and hair style, we chose one that was closest to her green eyes and blonde hair. To say the least, Danica was thrilled with her doll which she quickly named Daisy. For some reason, I was under the impression that a hairbrush was included with the doll. If I had gone back and looked closer at the purchase page, I would have seen that I had misread the information. Instead I sent off this inquiry to American Girl Doll.

I believe a brush was to be included in my order of an American Doll that I ordered on October 15th. The order number is 65466390 The doll arrived without the free hairbrush and I am hoping you will solve this
by shipping it to me.
Thank you

And yes, I expected a quick response and an explanation. It had been close to a month since my order was placed and I was doubtful that my inquiry would accomplish much. Of late, I have found myself wondering about customer service and reminiscing about the “Good Old Days” when the customer was always right. What I discovered when this prompt e-mail arrived was that Mattel indeed excels in courtesy and the ability to diplomatically solve a customer problem.

We appreciate your recent order and apologize for any confusion. We do not include free Doll Brushes with the purchase of American Girl® dolls.We’re sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

American Girl Doll Brushes are available for purchase at a price of $8.00 through our website, at our retail stores, or by calling the toll-free number listed below. If you would like to place an order for
a Doll Brush, we would be happy to waive the Standard shipping and processing as a courtesy due to the misunderstanding. If you would like
to pursue this option, please contact Customer Service at the toll-free number listed below and reference your order number 65466390.

You may also wish to note that our doll brushes are wire wig brushes, the same brush someone would use with a synthetic human wig. You may
find wire wig brushes available for purchase locally through beauty supply companies.

Again, we are sorry that your order was not as you expected. If you have any other questions or require further assistance, please feel free
to contact us at the toll-free number listed below.


American Girl Customer Service
Phone: 800-845-0005 or 608-831-5210
Fax: 608-828-4790
Available Monday – Sunday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Central Time

A quick phone call to Customer Service and the promise by a friendly operator to send the brush off to my grand-daughter, confirmed my belief that Mattel personnel are customer-friendly and experts in problem-solving. For this Nana, the “Good Old Days” are still around. They can be found at American Girl Doll and I am looking forward to making more American Girl Doll purchases for my grand-daughter and her new doll, Daisy. Dancia