Why I Attend Journey to Happiness Meetings.

I am often asked, “What is the Journey to Happiness Group that meets on Wednesdays at the hospital all about.” I smile and say, “Well, I am not sure, but I know we laugh a lot.” I also always say, “Come and see for yourself. It is great fun.” Recently, I [...]

An Open Letter to Alysia Steele

I have just finished reading a most interesting book Jewels of the Delta by Alysia Steele. Her interviews with the Church Women of the Delta area of Mississippi is a fascinating look at the oral history of a time before, during, and directly after the Civil Rights Movement. She entwines these [...]

Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was filled with fun, family, and festivities. I have just spent the day making six pages for the kids’ memory books. Easter looked a lot more like Christmas than Easter. This is because the twins have new beds and desks and I bought sheets, bedspreads, [...]

Lucky, the Wan-na-be

I had a great day with Lucky and LuAnn yesterday. It was our annual visit to the health center. Everyone loved Lucky’s new shirt so thought I would make a memory book page and share it on=line.

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A Busy Day

Today was delightfully busy. Sipping my first cup of coffee I hear the phone ring and to my delight, It is the voice of Mary A, a Michigan Blogger, and dear friend. We talk through that first cup of coffee and a second before running out of conversation and having to [...]