Fairy Dust for My Birthday

Certain times in our lives are fairy dust moments; moments so sweet that they can only be seen through the mist of eyes brightened by tears of happiness. I have been blessed with more than my share of these moments throughout my life, but none sweeter or brighter than those of tonight’s [...]

Auto Draft

Wow, I think I am ready or nearly ready for the family to arrive. The gifts are wrapped, and the house decorated. It has been a busy week with a therapy dog visit to the local library where young children read to Lucky and LuAnn on Saturday followed by our weekly visit to residents [...]

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

I spent the week-end decorating the house and filling my heart with nostalgia. So many of the little decorations are from my childhood, my children’s childhood, my life before Bob and of course, the ones we have added, as well as, all those Christmas photos of the twins as they progressed from babies to [...]

Therapy Dog Visit

As many of you know from Facebook, Lucky and Luann are now registered therapy dogs. We are just getting started, and it is a wonderful experience. We have had some glitches. Since I can only work one dog at a time, the other was terribly upset about the possibility [...]

School Begins in a Week

I could smell anticipation and excitement in the air and like an old work horse, I was instantly ready for the harness. Nostalgia and longing for my days of teaching rose higher than ever as I spent the morning with Theresa, Kristi, and the kids volunteering a few hours at iLEAD charter school in [...]