Wow, Count Down to Christmas

I have managed to miss writing two Loose Bloggers Consortium posts, missed a Christmas party or two, and make no apology at all because I have been having the time of my life and it all revolves around two little six-year olds. Yes, I have been making trips to Palmdale and playing the role [...]

Looking A Lot Like Christmas

Friday is here and I really should be posting about Music, the theme for the Bloggers Consortium, but as you can see by the photos, the holidays have caught up with me and I spent the week decorating. This afternoon I will drive down to Palmdale to spend the night with Kristi, Theresa, and [...]

A Little Christmas Spirit

A few days ago, I was talking with my friends, Tina and Dianne.  As usual at this time of the year, Christmas was the subject.  I was reminiscing about Christmas past and my mother’s visit to Santa.  Since department store photos of children and Santa did not exist when she was young, she had never [...]

Happy Valentines' Day

I found this article entitled Five Things You Should Know about Valentine’s Day in the Saturday edition of our local paper and thought them interesting enough to include in my Valentine post. It did not list an author.

1. A Vague Beginning

There are three different saints named either Valentine or Valentinus attributed to the beginning of [...]

Memorial Day Thoughs

I bought a poppy today. It is attached to my key chain to remind me that Monday is Memorial Day.

Call me old-fashioned, but I would love to see the United States return to celebrating Memorial Day on May 30th. It seems to me when we changed it to the last Monday in May we turned [...]