Happy Birthday to Me

Welcome to my birthday post. The photo is from last week’s cruise. Another birthday has rolled around and this time, I have decided to share all the family myths and legends about my birth with my blogger friends.

I love family stories and the ones about my birth have fascinated me [...]

Happy Birthday, Kristi

Yesterday, I drove down to Palmdale to visit Kristi and celebrate her birthday which was March 1st. We always do a mother-daughter shopping trip each year on her birthday, but both of our calendars were filled and we have post-poned our shopping day until later this month. I did want to see [...]

Album is Ready for Viewing

First, a special thanks to John, Kym, and Linda for taking all the photos.

Did I say I could cut the number of photos to 20? Impossible! Too many good photos and too many wonderful memories to even try to get close to that number. I did cut the 97 down to [...]

Party Time

Thanks everyone for all your great pre-party comments. The party was everything I anticipated and I had the time of my life.

I chose to live in a small town for two reasons. One was that as a teacher, I would be able to watch my students progress through school and go out on [...]

Countdown to Party

I woke up early, early, and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I am like a child on the day of her birthday party. And well so because today is the day of my big party. Bob and I have 70 people arriving at the Italian Garden Restaurant this afternoon to help [...]