Ce;ebratomg Our Anniversary

This poignant little message written by Bob appeared earlier this week on our daily calendar. It says so much in its brevity.

When we decided to marry twelve years ago, we thought ten years together would be a gift worthy of much gratitude. The time extended to twelve years and once [...]

A Special Day

Friday was the eleventh anniversary of the formal adoption of Kristi into our family. In the late afternoon these beautiful flowers arrived with the card saying, Happy Adoption Day. Happy is the right word for one of the best decisions Kristi and I have ever made.

Kristi and the twins were coming up on Sunday, but [...]

Smart Car and its Mini-Me

Today is Bob and my anniversary and also his birthday. We celebrated his birthday and our twin grandkids birthday on Sunday. Our gift to each other is a cruise to Mexico. So we are soon off to board the Holland American’s Osterdam and a lovely week on the high seas. [...]

Las Hadas in November!

This is truly unbelievable. Last night I went to bed before Bob. He was still deeply involved with his computer. I watched a little television, fell asleep, and woke to a light kiss and these words, “Do you still want to go to Las Hadas for our Anniversary in November? I have [...]

Our Fourth Anniversary

Today is Bob and my fourth Wedding Anniversary so I thought it might be fun to share a few wedding photos with you. It is also his 80th Birthday. Clever man to marry me on a date he would be likely to remember.

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