My Father's Memories of World War 1

With the passing of one hundred years since the days of World War I, I feel it a great time to share this news article about my father’s service. I do not have a date other than 1938 and the knowledge that we lived in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.. [...]

What I Did or Do

I cannot believe how long I have been away from posting, but thought this week’s topic was a good stepping back in tool and I have really enjoyed the challenge.

As I contemplated this week’s theme of What did (do) I do for a living, my mind immediately answered, “You carried books”. Not exactly true for [...]

Sunday Geneaology - Whiz Bang

My father read Whiz Bang as a young man. I was amazed when researching for Genealogy Sunday, to come across this photo of my dad holding a 1926 copy of the magazine. My mom had included it in an album of photos that she had put together especially for me a year before her death. [...]

Where Have All the Letters Gone?

The subject chosen by Grannymar for The Loose Writer’s Consortium this week is Letters. These bloggers are listed on the right hand side of my blog under Writer’s Consortium. I am most interested and hope you are too, in reading the other writer’s stories and views on the subject of Letters.

I have been thinking about [...]

Time Travel? Perhaps

This week Judy of A Creative Writer in Process challenged the LBC with the phrase ” If I could travel in Time, I would…...” I have listed all the writers on the right hand side of my blog under Writer’s Consortium. Please take time to read [...]