A Surprise Party for Me

I woke up this morning, smiling, smiling, smiling. I am filled with the awe and the afterglow that comes with a surprise party planned by fantastic friends. How fortunate I am to have these remarkable people in my life. How wonderful to be a few days away from my 80th birthday [...]

The Perfectly Imperfect Thanksgiving

Sometimes the perfect Thanksgiving is not the one where everything goes well, but the one where nearly everything goes wrong. This Thanksgiving was pretty much the latter. And as a family, we are deserving of a hearty pat on the back. When I arrive in Santa Clarita, my grand-daughter and Mommy [...]

An Open Letter to Alysia Steele

I have just finished reading a most interesting book Jewels of the Delta by Alysia Steele. Her interviews with the Church Women of the Delta area of Mississippi is a fascinating look at the oral history of a time before, during, and directly after the Civil Rights Movement. She entwines these [...]

Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was filled with fun, family, and festivities. I have just spent the day making six pages for the kids’ memory books. Easter looked a lot more like Christmas than Easter. This is because the twins have new beds and desks and I bought sheets, bedspreads, [...]

School Begins in a Week

I could smell anticipation and excitement in the air and like an old work horse, I was instantly ready for the harness. Nostalgia and longing for my days of teaching rose higher than ever as I spent the morning with Theresa, Kristi, and the kids volunteering a few hours at iLEAD charter school in [...]