My Father's Memories of World War 1

With the passing of one hundred years since the days of World War I, I feel it a great time to share this news article about my father’s service. I do not have a date other than 1938 and the knowledge that we lived in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.. [...]

Auto Draft

I have often said that attending the Journey to Happiness meetings led by Darrell Price were not necessarily about learning something new, but more about learning to use the knowledge already acquired and which is a little rusty at times.

So here is a fine example of choosing happiness over frustration. Bob and I [...]

Social Media and Me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to belong to a senior group here in Ridgecrest called Journey to Happiness led by a great Life Coach Darrell Price at Price Life Consulting. If you are on Facebook link to Journey to Happiness Senior Group and if you live in Ridgecrest, join us. It [...]

Papa's PTA Smooch

Those of you who know Bob know that he is not much for man-kisses, preferring the old-fashioned firm handshake. So you can understand the rather shocked look on his face in this photo when he was ambushed for a real smack-a-roo.

Last Sunday, Danica’s school held a fundraiser breakfast at Appleby’s and of course the [...]

Father-Daughter Dance Third Year

Bob played the father role for Danica and accompanied her to the Father-Daughter Dance at her school. Before they left I snapped a few photos. At the dance, and true to Danica’s personality, she found she was having too much fun to slow down. She told Papa that there was no need to [...]