Social Media and Me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to belong to a senior group here in Ridgecrest called Journey to Happiness led by a great Life Coach Darrell Price at Price Life Consulting. If you are on Facebook link to Journey to Happiness Senior Group and if you live in Ridgecrest, join us. It [...]

Back from a Successful Trip to Eye Care for Animals

I took time to go to my exercise class before our after lunch time departure to Pasadena and the Eye Care for Dogs Hospital. Then after loading the few things we would need for an overnight visit and adding the dogs and their cages, we were on our way by one o’clock. The first part [...]

Not So, Lucky

This has been quite a rough week in our little family. On Wednesday, our Maltese, LuAnn went in for a minor surgery. Came out of it feisty as ever and sulking over having to wear the dreaded head cone. It wasn’t long before we switched from the cone to a doggie sweatshirt that successfully covered [...]

Deer, Coyote, and Bear? Oh My!

On an early morning walk with the dogs, five beautiful mule deer leapt into view and crossed the path the dogs and I were hiking. They stopped about 100 feet away, and turned to stare at us. The dogs were interested, but thankfully,quiet. It was an unbelievably spectacular mountain moment. My only regret was not [...]

Escape to the Mountains

I haven’t really posted about our escape to the mountains, but as you can see – the dog is sleeping on my computer. This may soon be as popular an excuse in our schools as, “My dog ate my homework.” After all there is that old saying “Let sleeping dogs lie” and LuAnne, as sweet [...]