Why I Attend Journey to Happiness Meetings.

I am often asked, “What is the Journey to Happiness Group that meets on Wednesdays at the hospital all about.” I smile and say, “Well, I am not sure, but I know we laugh a lot.” I also always say, “Come and see for yourself. It is great fun.” Recently, I [...]

An Open Letter to Alysia Steele

I have just finished reading a most interesting book Jewels of the Delta by Alysia Steele. Her interviews with the Church Women of the Delta area of Mississippi is a fascinating look at the oral history of a time before, during, and directly after the Civil Rights Movement. She entwines these [...]

Auto Draft

I have often said that attending the Journey to Happiness meetings led by Darrell Price were not necessarily about learning something new, but more about learning to use the knowledge already acquired and which is a little rusty at times.

So here is a fine example of choosing happiness over frustration. Bob and I [...]

Social Media and Me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to belong to a senior group here in Ridgecrest called Journey to Happiness led by a great Life Coach Darrell Price at Price Life Consulting. If you are on Facebook link to Journey to Happiness Senior Group and if you live in Ridgecrest, join us. It [...]

Ce;ebratomg Our Anniversary

This poignant little message written by Bob appeared earlier this week on our daily calendar. It says so much in its brevity.

When we decided to marry twelve years ago, we thought ten years together would be a gift worthy of much gratitude. The time extended to twelve years and once [...]