What I Did or Do

I cannot believe how long I have been away from posting, but thought this week’s topic was a good stepping back in tool and I have really enjoyed the challenge.

As I contemplated this week’s theme of What did (do) I do for a living, my mind immediately answered, “You carried books”. Not exactly true for [...]

Guilty Pleasures

       So it is Friday once again and time to join the LBC writers on the subject of Guilty Pleasures.  I would like to welcome Will  a new member from Ireland and congratulate  our blogger, Ashok on graduating from Law School.  I have added Will to the list of names and blogs of the Writer’s Consortium  [...]

A Senior Moment

I am sure all of my “senior moment” friends will appreciate this little incident that happened to me in the geriatric Unit of UCLA Medical Center. I was called in for my appointment by a young woman who first weighed me, then took my blood pressure and checked my temperature. She then stood up and [...]

Where Have All the Letters Gone?

The subject chosen by Grannymar for The Loose Writer’s Consortium this week is Letters. These bloggers are listed on the right hand side of my blog under Writer’s Consortium. I am most interested and hope you are too, in reading the other writer’s stories and views on the subject of Letters.

I have been thinking about [...]

Blanket of Life

Something in these words that I read while visiting June last night struck a chord in my heart.

“My life is like a patchwork quilt……some beautiful pieces go into it- some- not so pretty- some dark and drab – some pieces, silky smooth- others- rough to touch! Overall-it’’s sewn together with a fine, decorative stitch, combining [...]