Holiday Time, Here and Gone

Both 2012 and the holidays are drawing to a close and I have not once wished I were on a Christmas Cruise to the Bahamas, which is a pretty good indication that all went smoothly. My son John Vincent and his wife, Rhea arrived on the evening of the 23rd. On the 24th our good friends, the Feldman’s joined us for late morning coffee, rolls, and delicious baklava. Then on the spur of the moment, we decided on a trip to the movies.

So we packed into cars and headed to the theatre for a matinee. We saw the 3-D version of the Hobbit. Sentimentally, I loved this because I had read excerpts of the Hobbit to my son when he was in grade school and he remembered my doing so. Dinner that night was some of Bob’s delicious home-made pizza. I think it is a new tradition for Christmas time.

Christmas day, we kind of rushed every thing because Kristi and Theresa had an early morning flight the next day to Virginia and I wanted them to get home in time for some sleep before getting up in the wee hours.

Dinner was at noon and this year I prepared a beef roast, potatoes, ginger carrots, stuffed peppers, and of course two kinds of Jell-O. (Wouldn’t be Christmas without it.)

Gift opening was a hectic time and the kids ripped paper off packages in record speed. Each spent a Nano second with a gift before going on to the next. What a time of noise, laughter, and confusion. We did manage to keep two cameras going so that there would be lots of photos for the memory book.

Our tradition of Santa Lucia and Zwarte Peter continued as our beautiful Danish grand-daughter Danica once again wore her crown and carried small cupcakes to the family seated in the living room. Her brother, Eruc, handsome in his elf hat, carried a glowing battery operated candle to light her way. They swayed to Nana’s rendition of Santa Lucia and their efforts were met with oohs and aaahs.

Well that was the way it was meant to be. Nana’s choppy piano playing left much to be desired and Eric, who loves pirates, waved the candle as if it was a sword and developed a swagger. Danica was serene, and floated gracefully until she bumped into Eric and dropped a cupcake with dyed green frosting face down on the white carpet. Fortunately, the dogs were Johnny on the Spot to eat the cupcake and diligently lick up the frosting. It is all caught on tape here.

The time went much too quickly and before we knew it we were all saying our good-byes and promising to get together soon. The Nielsen – Clark family headed back to Palmdale. John Vincent, Rhea, and I watched a little television and before long, it was dark enough to say good night and head off to bed early. Maybe I didn’t dream of sugar plums dancing in my head, but I can assure you that my grandmotherly snores were happy and content.

Here are a few photos that capture the day.

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