Lucky and LuAnn Celebrate their Sixth Birthday

I am taking baby steps  back to blogging.  I have had the longest dry spell ever and I can’t think of a better way to get back then to wish our canine companions a Happy Sixth Birthday.

Six years ago, we began the hunt for a Maltese puppy.  We emailed a number of breeders and settled on a breeder within driving distance.  Pups were due the first of November and when two, a boy and a girl, arrived on the first birthday of our twin grandchildren, also a boy and girl, we knew we could not leave the little boy behind so quickly we made the agreement to purchase both.

Six years have flown by and our babies have given us six years of fun, love, and a challenge or two along the way.   So Lucky and LuAnn, we raise our coffee cups to you and look forward to many, many more years of your kisses.   IBirthday Lucky and LuAnn


3 comments to Lucky and LuAnn Celebrate their Sixth Birthday.

  • Nice to see you back blogging. I hope that you will start the LBC posts too. Please give us advance notice so that we can include you in the lists that we publish on our posts.

  • Welcome back, you were missed. When I see dogs with the hair over their eyes, I wonder if they see us as striped?

    The hats look cute!

  • Add my wish of a very Happy Birthday also. They are absolutely the greatest looking companions I have seen in a long time. Also have them tell their “momma” to keep the lines of communication open because we miss you and think of you often.

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