Breaking the Record for the Longest Kiss by Old People

IMG_4089Honestly, I do not know what the record is or if we broke it, but I do know this, I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE GRANDSON! Four years ago, Eric was diagnosed as a child with autism. Thanks to the help from the program Adaptive Behavior Analysis, caring parents, pre-school and special education, he has made outstanding progress. Eric often likes to take photos with my camera which I enthusiastically hand over to him, but the day he took this photo, my heart was warmed and I wasn’t thinking of the outside help, I was only thinking of a little boy and all he personally accomplished and achieved while struggling with autism and its many mysteries.

To show you what Eric has accomplished. He has gone from gibberish to words, from words to sentences and clear speech. He asked if he could take Bob and my photo. We readily posed and he gleefully said, “Now kiss.” It was a command similar to the one he heard the wedding photographer say many times to his mothers at their wedding in August.

Bob and I were thrilled to respond and were ready with the small peck appropriate for couples of a certain age. We should have known that Eric considered this his big moment and our kiss dragged on and on as he found the perfect angle, the right amount of zoom, and finally snapped the photo.

Those familiar with autism will know the significance of this feat. We were overjoyed with our little photographer and his perfectionist attitude. Bob and I would have held that pose for another five minutes because in that moment we celebrated Eric’s clear speech , his verbal ability. and his dexterity. Eric will go far in this complicated world and he will do it because he is Eric the Determined and because he is surrounded by love.

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