Papa's PTA Smooch

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Those of you who know Bob know that he is not much for man-kisses, preferring the old-fashioned firm handshake. So you can understand the rather shocked look on his face in this photo when he was ambushed for a real smack-a-roo.

Last Sunday, Danica’s school held a fundraiser breakfast at Appleby’s and of course the idea of all the pancakes you can eat for five dollars is a welcomed attraction, not to mention that we also wanted to support the PTA’s efforts so the family arrived around 9:00 and enjoyed scrumptious pancakes.

As good as the pancakes were, the young enthusiastic parents who served us were without exception, the finest waitpersons ever. Particularly, a delightful young man named Brandon. We took him up on his offer to take a group picture of us and raising the camera high above his head, snapped a great photo.

Bob was quite taken with Brandon’s sense of humor, friendliness, and the laughter he brought to our group. He asked Brandon if we could take a photo of him and he said, “Of course”. I raised the camera and readied the flash. He quickly bent down and gave a raspberry sounding smooch in Bob’s direction. The price of the breakfast 30 dollars total. The look of surprise on Bob’s face priceless.

Thank you PTA for a great time and a special thank you to Brandon for making a wonderful memory for all of us.

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