Social Media and Me

I have been blessed with the opportunity to belong to a senior group here in Ridgecrest called Journey to Happiness led by a great Life Coach Darrell Price at Price Life Consulting. If you are on Facebook link to Journey to Happiness Senior Group and if you live in Ridgecrest, join us. It is a great place for finding happiness, meeting new people, laughing, and learning about life.

Today, we discussed the importance of Social Media in our world with the emphasis on seniors and the growing number of us who use the various internet programs for communicating and socializing with friends and family. Which brings me to this story about social media.

My husband Bob and I met on one of the early dating sites back in 2000. We married in 2001 and will celebrate 14 years of marriage in November. We had both lost our spouses, were anxious to move ahead with our lives, and when he proposed, I eagerly said, “Yes”.

For the first few years after we married, we were often asked, “How did you two meet? Proud of being among the first wave of seniors (Bob was 78 and I was 68) to use an internet dating system, we were more than eager to tell our story. As it often goes with couples, Bob would start out by saying, “We met on the internet.” Then I would add that we had much in common. Bob was a retired Naval Commander and my husband had been a career Marine. Bob would add that we lived in two different cities in the Mojave desert only ninety miles apart. This then was my clue to announce proudly that we were both owners of African Grey Parrots. Something truly destined to bring us together.

So when asked again, this time at a large RV group dinner in a building with little or no acoustic quality, we promptly began sharing our story. As we reached the climax and I said proudly, “and we both had African Grey Parrots”, the woman across from us who was listening intently, leaned across the table to be heard, and shouted, “YOU HAVE ACTIVELY GAY PARENTS. HOW OLD ARE THEY?” Needless to say, bad acoustics and perhaps a little less than clear pronunciation, brought us a delightful story to add to “How We Met”.

Bob and Our African Grey Parrots, Tweety and Josephine.

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