School Begins in a Week

I could smell anticipation and excitement in the air and like an old work horse, I was instantly ready for the harness. Nostalgia and longing for my days of teaching rose higher than ever as I spent the morning with Theresa, Kristi, and the kids volunteering a few hours at iLEAD charter school in Santa Clarita as they prepare for the beginning of the new school year. It will be the twins first year at their new school. and as I looked around, and watched the young, enthusiastic teachers, I longed for a class of my own and to be part of this awesome adventure.

We spent our first hour making boxes to hold library books and the next two hours sorting books according to reading level. I don’t mean to brag, but I haven’t lost the ability to eyeball a book and know the Grade Level. My guesses, checked by Theresa with an IPad and Scholastic Books Grade Level list, were close to 95 percent right. Kristi not only helped, but kept us supplied with coffee and Danica made friends with another student. Eric found a pleasant place to sit and play games on his IPad while getting used to his new school. All in all, a wonderful way to pass the morning.

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  • Christina (Chris Kulas) Miraglia

    Mrs. Morris! What a joy to find your blog! My family and I (husband, Greg, and our two 8 yr old 3rd graders, Aidan and Leigh Anne) live in the Antelope Valley where they’ve been attending iLEAD for over two years. I was thinking of you when the school year started since my kiddos were heading into the third grade – even though it was Amy who was in your class. :) I hope you are doing well!

  • I lost you on Email send me something momma

  • I was never a teacher but I still long for the beginning of the school year. I think of the plaid skirt I always wanted but never got until after I started my career. I think back on all the exciting things and good friends that have gone their separate ways as the years past. Yes those were the days!

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