Looking a Lot Like Christmas

I spent the week-end decorating the house and filling my heart with nostalgia. So many of the little decorations are from my childhood, my children’s childhood, my life before Bob and of course, the ones we have added, as well as, all those Christmas photos of the twins as they progressed from babies to toddlers to preschool and the early elementary years.
I am indeed the silly old lady of Christmas. I cannot throw out the old and broken figurines. I put certain ones toward the front of the tree, and think I hear a sigh of relief from an angel with a broken wing. It is as if she has worried all year that next year she will be rejected and left in the plastic tub or worse yet, designated for the trash barrel.

I do feel the years in other ways, too. My back aches a little more after all those steps up an down on a small ladder and the idea of shopping does not hold the thrill it once did. My enthusiasm for meal planning was never great, but now I am looking for pre-made frozen foods and perusing the deli section for prepared specialties. Still I love the season and I would have it no other way.

All of my family will be here around the holidays. Kym and John will arrive for the week-end before Christmas. John Vincent and Rhea will be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and bless my Kristi, she and her family will drive up twice so she can visit with both boys and their wives. Then the Sunday after Christmas is reserved for Bob’s daughter Michaele, grand daughter and great grand daughters. His other daughter Dee and her husband Gerry will visit in January.

I am off to lift some weights and try to take off a few of those Thanksgiving pounds that I have gained. Then lunch with old friends and a quick shopping trip to downtown Ridgecrest. I am trying to shop for most gifts in town this year.

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