A busy Day

Today was delightfully busy. Sipping my first cup of coffee I hear the phone ring and to my delight, It is the voice of Mary A, a Michigan Blogger, and dear friend. We talk through that first cup of coffee and a second before running out of conversation and having to say goodbye. Mary is a great influence on me. She has that mid-west strength about her and takes in strides the bad times, survives, and pushes on. Mary has that ability to find humor in everyday life and to write about it in an entertaining way. Her blog is http://mamascorner.com/ and certainly worth a visit or two.
Finishing early morning chores, I rush off to get my hair done, attend a Journey to Happiness group, and meet old friends for a lunch time celebration of my birthday. New friends are beautiful, but for me there is always something special about old friends and the time spent with them. I am sure none of these friends will like being compared to comfortable shoes, but I will take a risk and say it regardless. There is something pleasant about wiggling your toes in old shoes that have been worn a long time and are stretched to perfection in all the right places. That is the feeling I get when I am with these three women. We have known each other since our children were young, compared notes on life, worked in education, and yes, laughed and cried together.

I hurry home from lunch, brush Lucky, and LuAnn while Bob finds their leashes, and we rush out the front door and into the PT for a trip to Ridgecrest Health Center. Wednesday is our day to visit the residents, and the dogs have new Valentine Day shirts to wear. I carry 30 Valentine cards with the dogs’ photo on them ready to pass out to all I visit. Bob and I have a routine set up. He sits with one dog in the lobby while I take the other to visit in the rooms. It ’s hard to keep track of how many people we visit. It is usually about ten or 12 before the Maltese I have in hand grows tired. So I take it back to the lobby where Bob and a rested dog are waiting. We switch dogs, and I am able to make it back down the hall to meet with 10 or 12 more residents. Guess it is a little like the way the Pony Express riders changed horses way back in the day.

Home and the couch never looked so good so I turn on the news, put my feet up and two white dogs curl up on each side of me. Life is good, but soon it is time to feed all the critters, and I hurry through it all thinking eight o’clock a most sensible time to call it a night. As I pass the bedroom, I see the unmade bed, and I remember Bob was still asleep when I left for yoga. I smile because on busy days like today; I rationalize or perhaps fantasize that beds with rumpled sheets and askew pillows are simply more comfortable and more welcoming. They do seem to have some memory of how we slept best the night before. Thank God, for an understanding husband who is only amused by my ramblings about mussed-up bed coverings and more interested in how much I enjoyed my busy day.

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  • michaele palmer

    It sounds like a perfect day and you are right about old friends, they are the best. Always enjoy your comments on life.

  • A rumpled bed once in a while isn’t going to hurt anything. In fact it is a warm reminder Of the nights you spend together. I also enjoy our chats and try to catch up once in awhile. You are right about old friends. I don’t have many around me and I miss that. Take care and keep posting I love that!

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