Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was filled with fun, family, and festivities. I have just spent the day making six pages for the kids’ memory books. Easter looked a lot more like Christmas than Easter. This is because the twins have new beds and desks and I bought sheets, bedspreads, desk lamps, and book-ends for their room. Then wrapped them along with some toys and said the Easter Bunny brought them.

It is pretty much tradition to have Macaroni and Cheese, made from a recipe that came from Maya Angelou. We of course had the marvelous honey-baked ham, as well as, honey glazed carrots, Harvard beets, and the highly requested Strawberry/Cranberry Jello from Mary Axsom’s Michigan recipe. It is a fact that Midwesterners know Jello better than anyone else in the U.S.

We are experiencing winter. Of course, we switched from heat to air-conditioning last week. The skies are filled with dark clouds, the wind must be close to fifty miles an hour, and we worry about our back yard fence going down. Such is life and poor California certainly can use some rain, although I know this storm will only produce a smidgeon of the amount we need to recover from our devastating drought.

This is a good time to share my album pages. As they say, “A picture is worth a dozen words.8 Easter-p0018 Easter-p0028 Easter-p0038 Easter-p0048 Easter-p0058 Easter-p006

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