A Surprise Party for Me

I woke up this morning, smiling, smiling, smiling. I am filled with the awe and the afterglow that comes with a surprise party planned by fantastic friends. How fortunate I am to have these remarkable people in my life. How wonderful to be a few days away from my 80th birthday and still enjoying great health and the camaraderie of good friends.

At the party last night, there is laughter, stories, wine, and good food. Then like frosting on a cake, birthday gifts. The first is a Pandora bracelet. It is followed by many little boxes, each with a silver charm to be added to the bracelet. Each charm represents time spent together and memories shared. There is a tiny Gator, the mascot of Gateway school, a coffee cup, and two birds similar to my parrots. These are followed by a book charm symbolizing my book club and wine glasses bringing to mind, raucous summer adventures in Cayucos. The boxes and cards keep coming and soon a miniature camera, a best friend heart, and a birthday cake are unwrapped and added to the bracelet. It is a fantastic co-ordinated effort resulting in a beautiful gift that I love.

If gratitude be wine and friends a silver chalice, my cup indeed runneth over. Last night was magical, fun-filled, and my silver bracelet with its little charms will always remind me of an enchanted evening and the awe-inspiring well-wishers who made it all happen.

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  • First let me say happy 80th birthday. The gift idea was amazing. I love your bracelet. Your friends had a wonderful idea filling out the spaces with charms that will bring sweet memories for years to come.

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