Smart Car and its Mini-Me

Today is Bob and my anniversary and also his birthday. We celebrated his birthday and our twin grandkids birthday on Sunday. Our gift to each other is a cruise to Mexico. So we are soon off to board the Holland American’s Osterdam and a lovely week on the high seas. We will be joined by Dawn (Daughter of my heart) and her daughter Jade. This is also the month of Jade’s birthday so we plan to celebrate it in grand style somewhere off the coast of Mexico.

I am very excited about this trip. Dawn has already made plans for a “Swim with the Dolphins” special tour for her and Jade. Then we have booked a sailing and snorkeling trip when we are in port at Cabo San Lucas. For awhile now, I have loved the idea of sharing a cruise with Dawn and Jade. I am so anxious to show the little one around the ship and to watch her play in the pool and eat ice-cream with her Uncle Bob.

On this cruise, she will also have an Uncle Joe. Joe is a friend of Bob’s and at our urging, he decided to join us for the cruise. I love to extend my family and I am looking forward to many wonderful photographic opportunities.

So with all the packing and planning, Bob and I took time off on Monday to run down to Riverside and pick up our new Smart Car. It is a fantastically fun little car and very comfortable. We bought it with the intention of using it as a tow car behind the new RV. I call it “The Cherry Bomb”. It is also great for just driving around our little town. Our little red car is not the first Smart Car here, but it is the second. (Story of my live – always an Avis and never a Hertz.)

We were on a waiting list for the Smart Car for over a year. During that time, I would look across the street at the neighbor’s grandchild’s toy paddle car. To me it begin to look more and more like a mini Smart Car. When we brought the car home, Bob borrowed the toy car for this photo. To us, it shows the Smart Car and its Mini-Me

4 comments to Smart Car and its Mini-Me

  • Baba,
    I believe it gets 44 miles on the highway and around 37 miles in town. I don’t live in a large or busy town so parking isn’t a problem, but this car would be a dream for a place where parking is at a premium. You can park it straight into the curb in a space too small for parallel parking.

  • Hi Maria, Wishing you and Bob a Happy Anniversary and A happy birthday to Bob….it sounds like you will have a fun time on your cruise!!Your cute smart car is adorable…how many miles to a gallon of gas will it get???

    See you when you get back home…
    Hugs, Baba

  • Hey there young lady when are you going to stop surprising us with your collection of vehicles. I hope the Birthday/Wedding Anniversary celebration was a happy one. Have a great cruise!

  • Wow! It’s a cutie—and smart, too

    Happy Anniversary to both of you and Happy Birthday to Bob!

    And Bon Voyage to all of you!

    Be safe I can’t wait to see all the wonderful photos you take!

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