Happy Birthday

So my birthday has come and gone and as usual, the tale is told on the scale. I am certain I am not alone in the gaining of a few pounds the day after a birthday. Well, no time for complaints. I had a wonderful luncheon with friends on Thursday, lunch at our new restaurant with Bob on Saturday, and dinner with friends that night at the Mexican Restaurant.

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  • Mary,
    I just turned 73 so you have me by one year. Heck we are still both just babes in the woods!

    I feel like I have been 73 for most of this year because my scale has both age and height on it as well as weight. Somehow months back it went from 72 to 73. I just didn’t think much about the change. . . just accepted that I was 73.

  • Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Maria
    Happy birthday to you.

    Forgive the belated factor and my off key singing (age you know!)

    Now the mean part.
    I will be 74 in 12 more days—are you older or younger than me? If you are older you don’t have to tell me. But if you are younger I’ll let you brag a little!
    Seriously may you have many, many more!

  • Joy

    Oh No….did I miss your birthday Maria? Happy Belated Birthday sweetie. It looks like you had a really nice day. You look WONDERFUL…and so does the mousse! I just love that photo of you and Bob. Cheers to you my sweet friend…. Love, Joy

  • Maria, I tried to find you earlier today, so I could wish you a Happy Birthday. Bloglines told me that your blog doesn’t exist – which is obviously not true. I just bookmarked you again and I hope you’ll resume posting soon. Hope you had a great birthday!

  • I LOVE Mediterranean food! YUMMY

    Happy Birthday Maria

  • Sally,
    It is in the old Santa Fe. They have done a relatively good job of turning the restaurant into one large room. Two problems: acoustics and no wine or beer. The grape leaves are excellent and Hanny who has Kristy’s is in charge. The Mediterranean food is better than the American (kind of like Kristy’s revisited.)

    Are you counting down the days yet?

  • sally

    Happy, Happy to you Maria! A new restaurant in town….that is always good news in R/C!

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