A Rude Awakening

Woke up at 4:45 this morning to the ring of my bedside phone. It was ADT letting us know that the burglar alarm had gone off at Bob’s shop. Bob immediately got dressed and went over to meet the police. It must have been a slow night because there were three patrol cars waiting for him. Two policemen were outside and one was in the shop.

The window had been opened and the stick that held it shut had somehow been jimmied. The alarm is extremely loud and the police thought it went off as the thief went through the main room setting off the motion detector. I bet it really sounded loud to that sneak. I hope his heart was thumping and his pants wet. The good news is that he left through the same window and he left empty handed.

Bob was home in less than a half hour and of course by that time the sun was coming up and there was no more sleep for either one of us. We drank our first pot of coffee, had breakfast, and still plenty of time before my exercise class.

About halfway through class, I longed for my bed, pillow, and quilt. I could really have used two more hours of sleep. A stop for coffee after class however, had me wide awake and so full of energy that I came home and shampooed both the carpet in our bedroom and the one in my office.

Tomorrow, I will clean the motor home, pick up groceries, and get ready for a trip to Lancaster. We will have dinner with Kristi, Theresa, and the kids on Friday night and do some shopping over the Presidential Holiday week-end.

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