A Glimpse of Spring

On the advice of the weather gods and cautioned by the Channel 4’s Weatherman’s dire forecast of winter storms, Bob and I cancelled our RV trip to Lancaster. We had high winds on Friday and nearly freezing temperatures all day. This morning we were told that Palmdale (close to Lancaster) received a small amount of snow. Although I was disappointed that I would not see Kristi and twins, I am glad to be warm and comfortable at home and not walking dogs in the sleet or rain. Ugh, I hate to think of how much dirt they would bring in after each potty break!

So homebound for awhile, I took time to look over my recent writings and this comment from Mary at Momma’s Corner to my post Fruits of My Labor caught my eye. Mary is wise and astute and deeply understanding of human nature. She wrote, “You have made your work area not only efficient but still managed to keep things around you that mean a lot to you.”

Indeed she had caught something that I was truly not aware of. . . my office is both a place to work and a place to hold photos I have taken, awards I have won and treasures I have collected. No wonder, I feel so comfortable in here. This is my life!

One of my favorite things in the office is this picture. My Aunt Mary had one like it in her living room and when I was very young, she told me that the little girl reminded her of me. Every time I visited, I found myself staring at the picture to see if there was a resemblance. I was pretty sure there was and it was such a warm and wonderful feeling to think Aunt Mary thought the girl looked like me.

Aunt Mary passed away when I was a teen-ager. I don’t know what happened to the print, but I knew if I ever found one at a yard sale, auction, or antique store I would buy it. I half-heartedly looked for one over the years, but did not find one until about four years ago when I visited my daughter, Dawn in Oregon. Dawn and I love to antique shop together so it was not surprising to find ourselves in a little shop in LaGrande. As we searched through treasures, I mentioned Aunt Mary’s print and began to describe the girl, the birch tree, and the robin. The dealer who was half listening to our conversation, smiled and pointed to the back wall. “Is that the one you are talking about?”, he inquired. Oh yes, There it was in all its sweet sentimental glory. I was so excited and equally thrilled when Dawn offered to buy it for me as a gift. What a wonderful gift to receive and I promised to pass it on to her someday.

When it was time to return to California, I carefully packed it in the center of a large suitcase, tucked clothing securely around it and prayed for gentle airport luggage handlers.

As you can see it arrived safely and has been given a place of honor in my office. There is a little beanie baby robin that always sits next to it. The little robin was a gift from my grand daughter, Jade, after she heard the story about Aunt Mary and how back in the day, I looked like the little girl in the print. She found it at an auction and insisted I take it home to go with the print. It will always be right there bringing back special memories.

The change in plans has left me with time on my hands so I decided to find out what I could about the print. I googled spring – robin – girl and sure enough I found the print on Ebay. It is called Spring Song of the Robin and it is the work of a German artist by the name of Simon Glucklich. It was painted around the turn of the century and prints of it were very popular in the 1920’s. They were sold by Sears and Roebuck and other mail order companies. The colors are often changed. The hair on the little girl can be brown, blond, or even red.

The most interesting fact that I found however, was that it is thought that the girl is Glucklich’s blind daughter. In the early prints her eyes are closed. In the later prints, the eyes are open. I checked my print closely and although I had never noticed it before her eyes are shut. At a glance, it looks more like she is looking down, but on closer scrutiny the eyes are closed.

I am anxious to know more about the artist, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on line. I have found about three other works by him and have heard there is one called Autumn Song of the Bird. How fun to find that one, too and if you know more about Spring Song of the Bird please let me know. Since it was so popular during the 20’s and 30’s surely others remember it hanging in a parlor somewhere.

Just think of how many folks, during long winters, have looked at this print and longed for Spring. Maybe, just maybe looking longingly at it and wishing for an early Spring might be just what we need to bring the Robin and his promise of warm weather our way.

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  • I just came avross this photo going through my mom and dad stuff I remember it being in my room. What is this painting going for price wise. It’s in good shape but a little lighter and older looking then the ones I have seen

  • Joseph Jadlow

    My grandmother, who died in January 1961, had this framed print on the wall in her bedroom. My grandparents married in 1920. I do not know when she first acquired this print—probably in the 1920’s. She was editor of a small-town weekly newspaper for 25 years. I never forgot this wonderful picture reminder of her to me.

  • Helen Wieters

    Maria, your post is dated Feb, 2009. It is now January 2016. I found you as I was hoping to learn more about my print of Spring Song! I received mine from my paternal grandmother. After her passing, I found it hanging in their garage behind the door! I fell in love with it immediately and asked to keep it. No one objected. I have always had it hanging in my bedroom. After having it for close to 40 years I started researching it. I have often wondered about its story. It has the name of Reinthal & Newman N.Y. I started with that, finding nothing more than the title. I then found it on Pinterest and esty and finally came to your comments. Thank you. I treasure it.

    • Helen,
      It is amazing how this print is so loved. I am glad that I could be of some help. Mine still hangs in my dining room and tweaks my sentimentality periodically. Stay in touch if you find out more, let me know.

  • Barb,
    Don’t be too had on your Mom. When my boys were little I told them that light brown MaM’s were rotten. They believed it for some time and left them in the bowl. After they were asleep, I would sneak down to the kitchen and eat them. Somehow, I enjoyed this sneaky little trick more than a Mother should. LOL

  • Barb

    Hi, I have this painting in my dining room, it was my moms & always hung in my parents bedroom. Coincidentally, my mom told me that it was me in picture. I was always trying to remember where I was that day, and hoping I could go back soon. I later found out that she had told each of my two sisters, that it was them. Mom liked to mess with our heads.

  • I was looking up rocket ship projects for my son and somehow this came up. My mom had this print and now my sister has it. It was nice to hear the story behind it and glad you found one for yourself.

  • I had an Aunt Mary too. She was my favorite aunt and the only one that took pictures of the family. i have a handful of photos of myself as a child, my mother as a young woman and one photo of my beloved aunt.

    It’s a lot different today, lots of people have all kinds of cameras – everything is recorded. I don’t like changes but I must say, that’s a good one!

    Sorry about the poor weather you are having. Florida is having a cool but sunny winter, as a matter of fact the weather man says we’re going to have a cold spell starting this week-end!

  • Maria—

    I copied the picture of the print from your site and e-mailed it to my dad. He told me that when they moved from their old house some years ago, they let us kids have our pick of certain mementos. The print went to my sister and is hanging in her living room. I remember seeing it there now.

  • Chancy,
    I think you are right, the picture found me. Interesting enough though is how I am finding a connection with my Aunt Mary as I grow older. When I was younger, I thought I was closer to my Aunt Grace. She was the beauty of the family and I wanted to be like her. Now I find a comfort in being more like her older and more steadfast sister. When I feel especially loved and respected, I think of how her five grown children adored her. Her daughter-in-laws all called her Mother Mary and it was obvious they too, loved her.

    I found the site very helpful. The print holds a fascination for lots of people.

  • Judy,
    Don’t you wish you could find that picture again. I wonder if you looked up magazine ads from 19__ you might find it on google.

    Glad you found my blog again. It is good to have you back visiting.

  • Baba,
    Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed researching and writing about Spring, The Robin’s Song. It made me think about some of the prints that my parents had in their home. I remember shadow prints that were in their bedroom and the Last Supper which always hung in our dining room.

  • Dave,
    Do you think they still have it somewhere in an attic or basement? It would be exciting if it is still somewhere around.

    You guys in Michigan sure must have done something awful to anger the weather gods. I have been watching the midwest reports and I can only say that Spring will have to be really outstanding to make up for this winter.

  • I know my parents had the very same print hanging in their home when I was young. I’ll have to ask them what happened to it.

    I think the weather gods have been angry here in Michigan since early December. We did have a brief warm-up last week but it was just a tease. Back to the deep freeze this week.

  • Maria
    I did some sleuthing also and found out this information that many others are also curious about your painting and the artist. check out this link


  • Maria
    I love the way you told the story of the little girl and the picture your aunt had. and the fact that she thought it looked like you as a child. And the big bonus is that you and Dawn actually found this picture in the antique shop after looking for years off and on.
    I personally think that the picture “FOUND YOU
    Perhaps your aunt helped lead you to the right place.

  • What a sweet print and how nice it was that you found it. My mom had a magazine ad in our kitchen that had a child in it who looked just like me at age 3-4. It got tossed out, accidentally, and I really wish I had it now.

  • Hi Maria, Your painting is very interesting and the story about the painting is amazing…I am glad you were able to find this painting and now have it to treasure forever.. Hugs, Baba

  • Kay,

    Hope the weather gods smile on you and send warm spring air your way soon. It certainly has been the kind of winter that makes us wish for Springtime in February. There are still a month or two of winter ahead. Sigh….

    I loved the photos of “little Kay” on your site. The background, clothing, swing, etc. are very similar to the photos from my childhood.

  • Mary,
    That is a very warm-hearted response and much appreciated. It is comments like yours that keep me coming back and writing.

  • Cliff,
    I know how frustrating losing a well-thought out comment can be. In fact, I rewrote at least 75 percient of this post when I forgot to save and continue editing. I am glad now that I went back and rewrote.

    In the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there is a glimpse of this print on the wall of the home for the elderly where he lived.

    We are still on Winter Storm watch, but the storm seems to be moving slowly. At the most, we will probably only get wind and rain.

  • Well I had nice 5 minute comment but it never made it. (again I might add)
    Here goes: I remember that print from my youth but not where I used to see it. It brought back memories. Thanks.
    We escaped a snow storm friday. It stayed 20 miles south of here. Seven inches there, none here. I loved it.

  • I’m whispering this so listen carefully: We don’t have any snow at the present time. (I’m whispering so the weather gods don’t hear me and send some.)

    What a lovely painting! I can see why you love it By coincidence, I posted old photos of little Kay tonight. Stop bu and check out the lil’ brat!

  • What a wonderful discovery and in true Maria style you have investigated and found some interesting facts about your picture. I don’t know if you realize how you bring the world to life for people like me. But the important thing is I do. Thank you my friend for sharing.

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