Grey Days and Vintage Ads

Yesterday was stormy, cold, and quite grey. After all these years on the desert, a day without sunshine leaves me with an unusual restlessness. For some women this would result in a a good closet cleaning or floor scrubbing time. Not me. I find such a day is made for finishing a novel, answering email, or simply sitting back and thinking.

So I spent yesterday doing exactly that. I finished reading Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mitchard, answering e-mails , and well as to thinking, I actually forgo that for googling. I googled educational sites, and gossip columns, and finally I looked up vintage ads. Vintage ads was a direct result of a whisper on my last post by Kenju at Imagine , she had commented, ” What a sweet print and how nice it was that you found it. My mom had a magazine ad in our kitchen that had a child in it who looked just like me at age 3-4. It got tossed out, accidentally, and I really wish I had it now.” So I let my mind wander. Hmmm maybe I could find the ad that she remembered. So not even knowing her age or what she might have looked like, I used my intuition to choose some interesting ads with young girls of that age that might have been the one that Judy’s mother misplaced.

The following were among my favorites Maybe, just maybe I was intuitive enough to find the one Judy was looking for and if not at least I found this great site for nostalgia seekers called Yesterday Paper. These old ads will bring back fond memories for many of us. If you find a favorite or one that reminds you of your childhood, I would love to hear from you.

3 comments to Grey Days and Vintage Ads

  • sally

    yesterday at dinner with girl friends we were talking about the Breck girls…not quite as vintage but they did have perfect hair! Do you remember them?

  • Maria the Northern girl reminded that I had the four prints of the Northern boys. They hung in my son’s bedroom for a very long time. Then they went the way of many possessions that one deems unnecessary. Unfortunately in later life you wish you had kept them.

  • Aw, how sweet of you to try and find the ad! It is none of these, alas, but I should have told you it was a small girl on a ladder. It was 1943 or 44 when she found it. Maybe I’ll try to find it too.

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