About Me

A Short Biography of a Rather Long Life

picture of Maria

I was born in Northern Minnesota on a record breaking cold February evening. Heralding my need to always rush into the new and unpredictable, I didn’t wait for my mother to reach the delivery room, but made my appearance (much to her chagrin) in the lobby during the highly popular 7 P.M. visiting hour.

My early family consisted of an older brother, Richard, my father and my mother . We moved a lot up until the time I was five because my father was a telephone repair lineman. After I reached the age of kindergarten, we settled in Minneapolis, and lived there through my grade school and high school years. I am a graduate of Holy Angels Academy in Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, and some Graduate studies at various colleges here in California. My degrees are in Education and in Humanities.

I recently retired after 34 years of teaching in the elementary grades. Most of them in California and 28 of them in the little desert town of Ridgecrest which is near the China Lake Naval Weapon Center. I chose to make this my retirement home also. I love photography, spending time at the gym, reading, and traveling. I enjoy running into my former students and marveling at their accomplishments.

I have been married, divorced, widowed, and remarried. My son Bill lost his life when he was 23 years old. I have four adult children that I consider mine. John Vincent is my natural son. Kristi is an adopted daughter. John is a stepson, and Dawn is a daughter by choice. Dawn also has presented me with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the role of Grandmother to her young daughter, Jade. Bob, my husband of three years, is a retired Naval Commander who has two adult daughters, Deidre and Michaele, two grandchildren, Dave and Monique, and two great granddaughters, Arianna and Kiara. Presently, Bob is President of the California Military Officers Association of America. I am a Vice President of our local chapter of California Retired Teachers.

Bob and I share our home with two African Grey parrots (his and mine from before we met) plus three small dogs. One is an old Doxie, named Sammi. The other two are young Maltese and we call them Lucky and LuAnn. We have a large RV and take all the pets with us when we head down the road to relax by the ocean or in the mountains.

Life is good here in our quiet little town, but that is what it is a quiet little town. Therefore, I am glad I discovered blogging for it brings to me interesting new people and it affords me the opportunity of staying in touch with family and friends who no longer live just around the corner.